Freitag, 17. September 2010

The Life of Bayern: Romani Ite Domum

UEFA is ruled by a bunch humourless old men.
During the Bayern vs AS Roma Champions League game, a group of Bayern supporters unfurled a large banner with "Romani Ite Domum" - "Romans Go Home" written on it. An obvious reference to the Monty Python film "Life Of Brian". The accompanying banner which read "Life of Bayern" should have put all doubts to rest. Well, UEFA thought it was derogatory. They chose not to look at the bright side of life and banned the banner.
"Anything that may cause offense to a fan base or ethnic group, and therefore pose a security risk, including banners or symbols, is carefully vetted."
Genuine wit gets smacked down. Left out are the rabid fanatics who think nothing of racist catcalls and anti-semitic symbols. And when that is not enough - maiming others and destroying property. Spare a thought for the Germans too - they've been the butt of so many jokes (Fawlty Towers/ Hogans Heroes) over the years that it is refreshing to see them give it back once in a while.
So here is the clip of John Cleese and Graham Chapman making Romani Ite Domum immortal.


  1. I absolutely love Monty Python, those supporters have good taste

  2. If you keep posting schedules I might have to put some money on acouple of games.

  3. it looks like you're headed in the right direction with this post...

  4. Way too funny, but banning Monty Python c'mon.

  5. I appreciate your kind comments on my blog :)